Monday, September 12, 2005

you may be asking, what is this site?

Hello again blogspot readers,

Well, I have just set up my site and have the infrastructure in place.

So now, time to begin the lengthy process of explaining what this site is all about. It will take many installments to explain this completely...the blogspot is a perfect venue to share something as esoteric and personal as this.

No, the NuMiami Viceroys are not a music group nor a Sports-Team.

My site here will probably only appeal to those who are interested in things like: The Occult and Magick, Alternate Belief Systems, Alien Intelligences, Astral Realms, New Age Metaphysics, Quantum Quackery, Conceptual Art and Speculative Technology.

Otherwise, very little of this content will make sense and will be an easy target for ridicule from Skeptics (even Artist colleagues).

So as a kind of disclaimer, this blog explores my Altered-Consciousness experiences within an "Astral" realm of Djinn-like entities where Empirical Science/Materialism and linear Time/Space logic no longer applies. It is both an expression of personal mythology and the chronicled adventures taking place within my own "reality tunnel" (to reference Robert Anton Wilson).

I will explain in more detail in the coming days of what all this has to do with the NuMiami Viceroys. Right now, I just want to peak your interest and getting you into the right frame of mind to appreciate this fully.

I just read some channeled writings last night about the holographic nature of reality from Bashar (via Darryl Anka) that is worth reading in its entirety. Only if you suspend your disbelief for a minute or two and contemplate the possibility of these basic New Age fundamental concepts of the nature of reality - will you take my blog to heart at all.

The link is:
I just tried the link and the content seems to have been pulled down. I must have read the cached text on

Here is the long-winded cache link:

If that does not work, go to and type in the keywords: "Bashar" + "Entity" + "iasos". You will find it for sure that way.

So read that in depth and then read my next blog entry about "The Djinns" a sense, the NuMiami Viceroys are a species of "Djinn".

Jeremy O. Turner


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