Monday, September 12, 2005

About The Djinn

Hey again,
In the last post, I mentioned the Djinn...And you are asking, "Who and what are Djinn"?

Since I am a lazy newbie blogger today, I am going to refer you to a website by Lydia Mancini that explains the bulk of who and what the Djinn (singular - "Djinni") are or could be. The Djinn can also be known without the "D"... as "Jinn". People often mistake the word "Genie" from this word...they are partially correct in this assumption.

Check out Lydia's site -

So, to summarize, the NuMiami Viceroys are a group of Djinn-like entities (they are "Djinn" according to Mancini's broader usage of the definition). They are "Alien" intelligences...etheric tricksters that play on modes of synchronicity and the conscious focusing of the receiver (in this case, me).

They are shape-shifters and can take any form my higher and lower consciousness wishes to create. They communicate with me telepathically. Mostly in the visual sense but sometimes verbally as well.

They can be seen in hallucinations, paradolia exercises (eg. seeing faces in clouds and other patterns -, dream visions , reality meta-programming, and stimulations of the pineal gland in the brain.

My irrational intuition tells me that these beings are beyond time and space. In the eternal "Now" (see my 2nd posting about Bashar's view on reality), they exist in all time zones. As I am future obsessed, I tend to see them as coming from a future time...maybe they are even quantum bots/agents from a far future time..maybe 2088 or something that far off? In a sense, my own imagination helps bring them into being in the first place. They are who I want them to be and that is fine with me. In an upcoming blog, I will mention some of their names.

In another upcoming blog posting, I will mention this urban Astral Home I dreamed up for them to hang out and base their operations in called "NuMiami".

So...that will be the next blog...What and where is NuMiami?

Jeremy O. Turner


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