Friday, September 23, 2005

blogstacles of the week

Hello NuMiami Viceroy Fans!

Please forgive the lack of blogging in the past day or so.

I have been swamped with a bunch of blogstacles...such as:

1)Working as Coordinator for the LIVE 2005 Biennial of Performance Art.

2)Spending quality time with my pregnant common-law Wife..Baby due on Xmas Day :-)

3)Helping my good friend Douglas Davis in New York to create his own blog.
Blog coming very soon...In the meantime, visit

4)Writing proposals for Art shows plus creating new Art projects and collaborations.

5)Preparing for a conference in Banff this coming wednesday. -

6)Conducting a fascinating interview with the Composer, Paul Dolden.

7)Socializing with friends.

8)Researching about Multidimensional entities online.

Other than that, I also have the occasional time to blog ;-)

So, I will be blogging more soon enough.

Not as many Viceroys have entered my in-box anyways so they are probably aware of my current situation and are mindful of it..

Jeremy O. Turner.


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