Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What about the Vicereines?

Earlier today, a friend of mine wondered if there were any Vicereines (Female Viceroys) in NuMiami.

I guess I should have mentioned the concept of gender in NuMiami.

Whether or not a Viceroy/Vicereine is a "He" or a "She" in NuMiami depends on the conscious filter of the perceiver - with all his/her cultural biases attached.

It just so happens that since I am a guy in my current incarnation, I tend to view most of these entities as a "He". But Djinn-types have no real gender to speak of...it is all in the mind's eye.

My friend also said, "I will try to visit NuMiami to see things for myself".

This is very good idea. I am sure that if you wished, you would also meet many Vicereines as well as Viceroys in NuMiami. If any reader meets a new Viceroy/Vicereine in NuMiami, please let me know.

Jeremy O. Turner.


Blogger Missing Scenes said...

Hey Jer,

The Viceroy is here... testing it like a tin-can in space.


5:14 PM  

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