Thursday, September 15, 2005

Viceroys visiting the Martian Hilton or Sheraton?

Finally, the first in a series of
pictures giving compelling evidence that the NuMiami Viceroys occasionally visit our "material" plane from the "astral" plane.

Look at this recent pic of Mars. NASA, do you still think Mars is devoid of life?

Look again, there are lifeforms right in front of your sheltered eyes.

This photo has been unaltered and showcases at least 3 posing viceroys:

1. Goldwater Q. Lucidity.
Side profile - looks a bit like Colonel Sanders from KFC and/or Conlan Nancarrow.

2. Trickery K. Synthesizing

Trickery is hamming it up for NASA by shapeshifting into a Rave-Culture alien known as a "Gray"

3. Winsomer K. Filtrates.

You can see my detailed zooms...they are quite visible though even without the zooming in. To enlarge this pic, just click on it.

Speaking of Winsomer and/or Trickery, I asked the paper-chandelier face again to reveal "his" true identity. This enigmatic Viceroy nodded both yes and no when I asked if it was Winsomer, Dec or Trickery (it was definitely not Goldwater - no beard).

Perhaps the chandelier is in fact an avatar of Trickery. The Trickster "myth" pervades all cultures and so it is nor surprise that Trickery K. Synthesizing is the most pervasive of avatars. I am inclined to believe this now.

Maybe tonight will reveal more. I should get a digital cam to take some pix around my house. I do have access to a webcam on another computer which maybe I will be able to use.

Well, here is one pic for now. With more pix, you will figure out yourself how to identify the various individual viceroys.

Jeremy O. Turner.


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