Wednesday, September 14, 2005

about the current lack of images...

Before I take my brief break from blogging, I would like to explain why I have no photos posted of the NuMiami Viceroys as of yet.

I have compiled photos of some of them and they are on my hard drive.

The problem right now is, I thought until today that I had to download special software to upload images. I have so little executable hard-drive space left on my PC laptop, that I am not yet ready to install Google's Picassa program and that other picture posting piece of software for blogs whose name currently eludes me.

However, silly me just realized that I can directly add pix from my hard drive anyways via a tiny pic icon on my, now I can post pictures....yaaaay!

So for now, it will be mostly text entries from me for the time being. But maybe tonight or tomorrow, I will begin to post the pictures of some of the NuMiami Viceroys.

The one pic of Myron Krueger's I do have for my profile was already online so I did not need to upload it from my hard drive.

Cheerios and stay tuned for the first pictures,
Jeremy O. Turner.


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