Monday, September 12, 2005

What and Where is NuMiami?

Hello and welcome back to the early transmissions from the conceptual county of the NuMiami-Dade.

Your question at this point (if you are reading in a linear and chronological order) would likely be, "What and Where is NuMiami"?

It is easiest for me to answer in numbered point form:

1) NuMiami is an Otherdimensional city I created with my imagination. I do not believe that there is only one concensus "reality" so I believe this place really exists on what is usually called the "Astral Plane".

2) I first encountered NuMiami in a very vivid dream a few months ago where I thought I was visiting the U.S. City of Miami, Florida for the first time. It was my idealized version of Miami - there was no crime, no grime...the place was packed with the most gorgeous "glass" skyscrapers I had ever seen...the buildings continuously shifted shapes and colours...people and other entities of all kinds were there basking in the glinting sunlight. All were too kind to offer me directions around this psychogeographic city if I needed help. Only upon awakening, did I realize NuMiami was a "dream city". I thought it would be a perfect place to house my new Astral Friends - even Astral Entities need a nice entertainment resort. NuMiami was my idea of paradise.

3) This is not to be confused with New Miami, Ohio...of course ;-)

4) Upon meditation, I realized that some of my new Djinnish friends felt comfortable in their new home. They became the Viceroys of this "virtual" dominion.

The definition of what "Viceroy" is will be copied and pasted into the next posting...
Jeremy. O. Turner.


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