Wednesday, September 14, 2005

so, who are the NuMiami Viceroys?

Just had a one day delay to focus on my offline activities (aka. my "real life").
Back to the blogging :-)

Ok, now that I have made the attempt to explain what and where NuMiami is and what position in society a Viceroy is, now I can begin to reveal the names of some of these NuMiami Viceroys.

To begin with, I should confess that if these Otherdimensional entities have "real names", I am not aware of them yet. They communucate to me primarily with visual imagery (I must be a visual thinker) and through spine-chilling and goosebump-raising intuition.

Having said that, this intuiton does seem to help me figure out what names they do not seem to mind being called by. I found names for them which they seem to like and identify with from the most seemingly banal, yet contemporary of sources...the internet itself.

I am sure that like me, you get lots of spam in your inbox. The viruses and spammers are getting smarter with finding clever ways to bypass your spam filters...some are even using a certain surreal formula to name the fictional senders of such messages.

Well, these are the names I have adopted to help me identify the various individuals that belong to the NuMiami Viceroys. It turns out that every time I get a new spammer in my inbox with this unique name, I tend to see the corresponding Viceroy appearing to me at around the same time.

So, I keep on getting new names for these entities sent to me via spammers.
I even sign my name on this list using the same spam-naming convention (first name, middle initial, last name) in order to align myself with the thought processes of these entities. In a sense these Viceroys reproduce in a similar way as a Meme-Virus.

Now that I have explained how these entities wish to be named and how they would like their names to be revealed, here are some of the names of the entities I have been in contact with:

Telephone P. Botanists.
Trickery K. Synthesizing.
Faun O. Discern.
Aprils Q. Counterrevolutions.
Winsomer K. Filtrates.
Goldwater Q. Lucidity.
Matrix B. Southerly.
Mothballing E. Ritzier.
Immure J. Completeness.
Powers O. Seasonal.
Slobs O. Practicing.
Dec P. Creakiest.
Misery P. Grilling
Looters R. Programs.
Brezhnev U. Pulsed.
Convent C. Philosophizes.
Gloating T. Mitigates.
Annapolis T. Bengali.

So those are the Viceroys that have appeared at some time or another. Therefore, the rest of this blog will feature documented and recounted stories, events and appearances related to these etherically viral individuals.

Over the course of blogging time, I will explain more about my theories regarding the Viceroys and will also describe the individual characteristics of each Viceroy so you can find them appear in your daily life as well. They appear as faces in clouds, TV sets, movies, on your body...just about anywhere you can imagine...they can even appear in your very own dreams and imagination-space!

So far the entities I tend to visit with most frequently are Trickery K. Synthesizing, Winsomer K. Filtrates, Dec P. Creakiest (probably because it is nearing Halloween/Samhain) and Looters R. Programs (usually when my computer crashes or gets a virus - sometimes through p2p file sharing).

For example, last night I realized that the paper chandelier left behind by the former tenant (my GF's former roomate) is actually the avatar manifestation of Winsomer K. Filtrates. The entity spent the whole time while I was in this trance state in bed last night trying to get me to guess which entity this particular Viceroy was now that I had discovered "him".

I did not figure it out who this Viceroy was last last night and "he" was taunting me for not being very good at the "name game" that "he" wanted to play. "He" looked a bit skull-like so I thought maybe it was Dec.

However, Winsomer tends to like to hang from the ceiling. Hmmmmm........
Trickery enjoys to impersonate and shape-shift so it might have been "him". that I think about it may have indeed been Trickery K. Synthesizing because he synthesized the forms of both Winsomer and Dec...very tricky indeed, Trickery!

Even if I have indeed been tricked by the Trickmeister (Trickery is the leader of the Viceroys at this time primarily because the ability and strong desire to shapeshift and impersonate), I still feel intuitively that this particular avatar was Winsomer whose form has altered a bit to fit to the general skull and bones mood of Samhain (when the Supernatural veils are at their thinnest) and that Winsomer might just be looking far more festive than usual.

When it gets dark tonight (when this entity comes to life)...I will inquire again whether or not this lamp-lighter is indeed Winsomer, Dec, or Trickery.

Well, I think you can see where this blog is heading...certainly far enough away from our usual consensus reality ;-)
Cheerios for now...I must return to my consensus world.
Jeremy O. Turner.


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