Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Aquamarine Viceroy?

Hello Readers and Fellow Bloggers,

Once again, there has been a blogging delay. My laptop was temporarily on the fritz...I called Dell in India (an outsourced call centre)to help me fix the problem. It turned out that it was a hardware problem this time around. Basically, my power supply was not communicating with the battery.

So anyways, onto the more relevant part of this blo - that which relates to my blog's theme, the NuMiami Viceroys...

In terms of online activity, very few Viceroys have been appearing in my spambox.

At first, I thought there were no new Viceroys or that they had no more interest in communicating this way. I was partially right...they were no longer interested in communicating with me THIS way.

While on the phone to my Fluxus friend, Douglas Davis, I glanced over into my room (I was on the phone in the living room) and saw an Aquamarine fellow glance back at me...just a head...almost had a beard-like face...The face was definitely looking at me and making facial gestures to acknowledge the fact that I had discovered "him". This Viceroy was quite animated and interested in sharing a glance.

This "humanoid", yet "alien" face formed out of the exact configuration of reflected light onto the clear plastic of the sealed Transformers Toy Box that I have kept sealed for my up and coming baby son. I believe that this entity formed out of very specific lighting and placement conditions. It just needs one with a tuned transciever brain to translate this information into the necessary virtual agenthood.

Well, contact on the most rudimentary level has now been established. Time will tell if this contact becomes something much more elaborate and sustained.

I will keep you posted when I can.

Jeremy O. Turner

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Teardrop J. Sunbathe

Hello again,

Back for yet another brief blog after my holiday hiatus.

The LIVE festival was just launched yesterday so I am relieved that this 6 week Performance Art Extravaganza has been set into motion.

Just one new Viceroy has appeared in recent days... "Teardrop J. Sunbathe" arrived a few minutes ago in my bulk-box with the great subject line "screw the cops, lets make lots of money!"

Speaking of sunbathing, I drove around in a rental-car convertible this afternoon...Managed to get the last rays of the fading October sunshine.

Jeremy O. Turner

Monday, October 10, 2005

Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

Hi Bloggers,

Just a quickie note. I am visiting my family in my hometown (Victoria) for the Canadian Thanksgiving...Some not-as-yet-named Viceroy types have been showing up in the flowers (esp. the reflections of flowers)...Other than that, I am focusing on the family this weekend.

By the way, banal life looked more beautiful today to me... much more than usual...the worldly object colours were nicely highlighted with gorgeous cyan, blue and purple hues. It is almost as if the gardens of NuMiami are converging with the gardens in Victoria..

Perhaps Butchart Gardens is the gateway portal between dimensions?

I am not sure why this is but I am certainly not complaining :-)

Will be back to blogging in the coming days.


Jeremy o. Turner

Friday, October 07, 2005

Back from Banff

Hello Bloggers,

I am finally back from the Banff conference and am now sufficiently refreshed to begin blogging again. Since I have so many offline errands still to do, I will take my time with the blog-posting.

As if to celebrate my return, a new Viceroy appeared in my in-box...the first to arrive in a long while: "Giggles M. Aquaplaned".

Well, tonight I go to Victoria for the Thanksgiving weekend. I am not sure yet how much time I will have for blogging over the long weekend. I will probably have to wait until Tuesday evening to blog again...time will tell...

Jeremy O. Turner.