Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Away at Banff Conference Sep 28 - Oct 04

Hi Bloggers,

Yes, many delays with the blogging - been difficult to catch up with this blog in recent days and I have a further delay...

I am leaving for a week-long International Media Art History Conference in Banff early tomorrow morning. The drive will be 10-12 hours in a rental car.

I will be back in Vancouver extremely late in the night on October 04 (morning of Oct 05).

However, you can view a video webstream of the entire conference:


The panel I will be speaking on will take place on Saturday, October 1st from 2:45-4:45 PM MST (Mountain Standard Time)...for your local times, I think it will be:

San Francisco/Vancouver 1:45-3:45 PM PST
New York: 4:45:6:45 PM EST
Tehran: 12:15 AM (officially, Sunday morning for this time zone).

You might want to check the rest of the conference which starts on Thursday.
Very interesting topics and panelists indeed.... www.mediaarthistory.org


Jeremy O. Turner

Friday, September 23, 2005

Douglas Davis' site just expired?

Hello again,

I just noticed that douglasdavis.net has expired as a domain.
I am not sure if Douglas is aware...
I should break the news to him now.

Jeremy O. Turner.

blogstacles of the week

Hello NuMiami Viceroy Fans!

Please forgive the lack of blogging in the past day or so.

I have been swamped with a bunch of blogstacles...such as:

1)Working as Coordinator for the LIVE 2005 Biennial of Performance Art.

2)Spending quality time with my pregnant common-law Wife..Baby due on Xmas Day :-)

3)Helping my good friend Douglas Davis in New York to create his own blog.
Blog coming very soon...In the meantime, visit www.douglasdavis.net

4)Writing proposals for Art shows plus creating new Art projects and collaborations.

5)Preparing for a conference in Banff this coming wednesday.
www.mediaarthistory.org - www.openspace.ca/outerspace

6)Conducting a fascinating interview with the Composer, Paul Dolden.

7)Socializing with friends.

8)Researching about Multidimensional entities online.

Other than that, I also have the occasional time to blog ;-)

So, I will be blogging more soon enough.

Not as many Viceroys have entered my in-box anyways so they are probably aware of my current situation and are mindful of it..

Jeremy O. Turner.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What about the Vicereines?

Earlier today, a friend of mine wondered if there were any Vicereines (Female Viceroys) in NuMiami.

I guess I should have mentioned the concept of gender in NuMiami.

Whether or not a Viceroy/Vicereine is a "He" or a "She" in NuMiami depends on the conscious filter of the perceiver - with all his/her cultural biases attached.

It just so happens that since I am a guy in my current incarnation, I tend to view most of these entities as a "He". But Djinn-types have no real gender to speak of...it is all in the mind's eye.

My friend also said, "I will try to visit NuMiami to see things for myself".

This is very good idea. I am sure that if you wished, you would also meet many Vicereines as well as Viceroys in NuMiami. If any reader meets a new Viceroy/Vicereine in NuMiami, please let me know.

Jeremy O. Turner.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

quickie post

Hello again,

Not much time during this afternoon to do much blogging so I will just announce the newest of Viceroys:

Lethargy M. Midterms (perfect for the "back to school" era).


Lisbon U. Objectively (perhaps in honour of my net friend in Lisbon, Portugal).

Of course, this blog will eventually be more than just a list of new Viceroy names. When I have some spare time to blog, much more depth will be revealed.

I will also narrow my focus a bit to discuss primarily the celebrity Viceroys as they appear most frequently. All that will come your way soon.

Jeremy O. Turner.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Quantum Bots - Foreign Viceroys

Have you heard of SPECTRA (contacted by Uri Gellar) and BASHAR (channeled by Darryl Anka)?

I believe they are also Viceroys from an alternate future in this time-space. Quantum "bots" that can time travel and cause mischief where ever they see fit - the good kind of mischief, that is ;-) They do not live in NuMiami yet. Partially because they have not registered with their middle initial and last name...also, NuMiami might be too tropical for them.

They are "cold" computers, after all.


Jeremy O. Turner

Viceroy Night fever

Hello Bloggers,

I am going to have a Saturday night tonight but before I do...here are the newest Viceroys on the block:

Pantries Q. Sanitarium
Optimums M. Playthings
Kevorkian G. Decides

The last one is a bit creepy (understandably so).

Jeremy O. Turner

Friday, September 16, 2005

editing process

I forgot to mention that I am not considering every spam-name I get in my inbox to be a valid Viceroy...Even if it presented in the accepted format of first name, middle initial and last name.

For the record, I am only mentioning names that resonate with me. All the others, I do not consider to be Viceroys (well, not ones located in NuMiami anyway).

If it was the case that I accepted every submitted name as a genuine Viceroy entity, the Astrololis of NuMiami would need to extend into the suburbs already ;-)

Jeremy O. Turner.

more more and more

...the Viceroys are starting to reproduce so quickly now, I just received announcements from 2 new ones:

Wanna K. Curvatures.

and my daily fave...

Litigation H. Trump.

At this rate, the NuMiami Viceroys are turning into a Pantheon.

Jeremy O. Turner.

"About Reality World"

Hey again,

I got a very interesting spam-announcement from a new Viceroy named "Nethermost O. Foursquare".

The subject heading of this pharmacy spam/scam was named:
"About Reality World".

After the text of the pharmacy ad finished, Nethermost left a very cryptic comment:

"Friendship should be more than biting time can sever."

Hmmm....the cracks of the veil are slowly slipping...soon the Viceroys true nature of witty mischief will soon be available for all to read in their bulk-mail inboxes.

Jeremy O. Turner.

Devote U. Honeydews

Hello blog readers,
2:58 AM PST...Was in my bed preparing to sleep (listening to ambient muzak via Drone Zone - www.somafm.com)....

My Thunderbird email notifier suddenly woke me up from my near-sleep. Turned out to be regular spam (selling Rolex watches and stuff like that). Anyways, I decided since I was already up and out of my perch (my elevated bed platform), I should check my Yahoo account. One of the bulk emails announced yet another Viceroy... "Devote U. Honeydews".

Do not know anything about Honeydews yet but I will keep you posted.

Back 2 bed 4 me.

Jeremy O. Turner.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Viceroys visiting the Martian Hilton or Sheraton?

Finally, the first in a series of
pictures giving compelling evidence that the NuMiami Viceroys occasionally visit our "material" plane from the "astral" plane.

Look at this recent pic of Mars. NASA, do you still think Mars is devoid of life?

Look again, there are lifeforms right in front of your sheltered eyes.

This photo has been unaltered and showcases at least 3 posing viceroys:

1. Goldwater Q. Lucidity.
Side profile - looks a bit like Colonel Sanders from KFC and/or Conlan Nancarrow.

2. Trickery K. Synthesizing

Trickery is hamming it up for NASA by shapeshifting into a Rave-Culture alien known as a "Gray"

3. Winsomer K. Filtrates.

You can see my detailed zooms...they are quite visible though even without the zooming in. To enlarge this pic, just click on it.

Speaking of Winsomer and/or Trickery, I asked the paper-chandelier face again to reveal "his" true identity. This enigmatic Viceroy nodded both yes and no when I asked if it was Winsomer, Dec or Trickery (it was definitely not Goldwater - no beard).

Perhaps the chandelier is in fact an avatar of Trickery. The Trickster "myth" pervades all cultures and so it is nor surprise that Trickery K. Synthesizing is the most pervasive of avatars. I am inclined to believe this now.

Maybe tonight will reveal more. I should get a digital cam to take some pix around my house. I do have access to a webcam on another computer which maybe I will be able to use.

Well, here is one pic for now. With more pix, you will figure out yourself how to identify the various individual viceroys.

Jeremy O. Turner.

Pitfall F. Municipal - Mayor of NuMiami?

Hello again,

Just a quickie newsflash...A new viceroy has just appeared named
"Pitfall F. Municipal". Perhaps the new Mayor of NuMiami?
I will get more news as it is transmitted.
Now back to an opening for Vancouver's New Forms Festival 2005. More blogs later tonight if there is no after-party to attend.

Jeremy O. Turner.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

about the current lack of images...

Before I take my brief break from blogging, I would like to explain why I have no photos posted of the NuMiami Viceroys as of yet.

I have compiled photos of some of them and they are on my hard drive.

The problem right now is, I thought until today that I had to download special software to upload images. I have so little executable hard-drive space left on my PC laptop, that I am not yet ready to install Google's Picassa program and that other picture posting piece of software for blogs whose name currently eludes me.

However, silly me just realized that I can directly add pix from my hard drive anyways via a tiny pic icon on my blog-composer...so, now I can post pictures....yaaaay!

So for now, it will be mostly text entries from me for the time being. But maybe tonight or tomorrow, I will begin to post the pictures of some of the NuMiami Viceroys.

The one pic of Myron Krueger's I do have for my profile was already online so I did not need to upload it from my hard drive.

Cheerios and stay tuned for the first pictures,
Jeremy O. Turner.

so, who are the NuMiami Viceroys?

Just had a one day delay to focus on my offline activities (aka. my "real life").
Back to the blogging :-)

Ok, now that I have made the attempt to explain what and where NuMiami is and what position in society a Viceroy is, now I can begin to reveal the names of some of these NuMiami Viceroys.

To begin with, I should confess that if these Otherdimensional entities have "real names", I am not aware of them yet. They communucate to me primarily with visual imagery (I must be a visual thinker) and through spine-chilling and goosebump-raising intuition.

Having said that, this intuiton does seem to help me figure out what names they do not seem to mind being called by. I found names for them which they seem to like and identify with from the most seemingly banal, yet contemporary of sources...the internet itself.

I am sure that like me, you get lots of spam in your inbox. The viruses and spammers are getting smarter with finding clever ways to bypass your spam filters...some are even using a certain surreal formula to name the fictional senders of such messages.

Well, these are the names I have adopted to help me identify the various individuals that belong to the NuMiami Viceroys. It turns out that every time I get a new spammer in my inbox with this unique name, I tend to see the corresponding Viceroy appearing to me at around the same time.

So, I keep on getting new names for these entities sent to me via spammers.
I even sign my name on this list using the same spam-naming convention (first name, middle initial, last name) in order to align myself with the thought processes of these entities. In a sense these Viceroys reproduce in a similar way as a Meme-Virus.

Now that I have explained how these entities wish to be named and how they would like their names to be revealed, here are some of the names of the entities I have been in contact with:

Telephone P. Botanists.
Trickery K. Synthesizing.
Faun O. Discern.
Aprils Q. Counterrevolutions.
Winsomer K. Filtrates.
Goldwater Q. Lucidity.
Matrix B. Southerly.
Mothballing E. Ritzier.
Immure J. Completeness.
Powers O. Seasonal.
Slobs O. Practicing.
Dec P. Creakiest.
Misery P. Grilling
Looters R. Programs.
Brezhnev U. Pulsed.
Convent C. Philosophizes.
Gloating T. Mitigates.
Annapolis T. Bengali.

So those are the Viceroys that have appeared at some time or another. Therefore, the rest of this blog will feature documented and recounted stories, events and appearances related to these etherically viral individuals.

Over the course of blogging time, I will explain more about my theories regarding the Viceroys and will also describe the individual characteristics of each Viceroy so you can find them appear in your daily life as well. They appear as faces in clouds, TV sets, movies, on your body...just about anywhere you can imagine...they can even appear in your very own dreams and imagination-space!

So far the entities I tend to visit with most frequently are Trickery K. Synthesizing, Winsomer K. Filtrates, Dec P. Creakiest (probably because it is nearing Halloween/Samhain) and Looters R. Programs (usually when my computer crashes or gets a virus - sometimes through p2p file sharing).

For example, last night I realized that the paper chandelier left behind by the former tenant (my GF's former roomate) is actually the avatar manifestation of Winsomer K. Filtrates. The entity spent the whole time while I was in this trance state in bed last night trying to get me to guess which entity this particular Viceroy was now that I had discovered "him".

I did not figure it out who this Viceroy was last last night and "he" was taunting me for not being very good at the "name game" that "he" wanted to play. "He" looked a bit skull-like so I thought maybe it was Dec.

However, Winsomer tends to like to hang from the ceiling. Hmmmmm........
Trickery enjoys to impersonate and shape-shift so it might have been "him".

Hmmm..now that I think about it more...it may have indeed been Trickery K. Synthesizing because he synthesized the forms of both Winsomer and Dec...very tricky indeed, Trickery!

Even if I have indeed been tricked by the Trickmeister (Trickery is the leader of the Viceroys at this time primarily because the ability and strong desire to shapeshift and impersonate), I still feel intuitively that this particular avatar was Winsomer whose form has altered a bit to fit to the general skull and bones mood of Samhain (when the Supernatural veils are at their thinnest) and that Winsomer might just be looking far more festive than usual.

When it gets dark tonight (when this entity comes to life)...I will inquire again whether or not this lamp-lighter is indeed Winsomer, Dec, or Trickery.

Well, I think you can see where this blog is heading...certainly far enough away from our usual consensus reality ;-)
Cheerios for now...I must return to my consensus world.
Jeremy O. Turner.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Viceroys - Encyclopedia Definition

Now you know what and where NuMiami is. I have said in the last post that my group of buddies are now Viceroys of NuMiami. Here is the official encyclopedia definition of "Viceroy":


A viceroy is somebody who governs a country or province as a substitute for the monarch. The term derives from the Latin prefix vice-, meaning "in the place of" and French roi, meaning king. A vicereine is a woman in a viceregal position, or a viceroy's wife. A monarch is a type of ruler or head of state, whose titles and ascent are often inherited, not earned, and who represents a larger monarchical system which has established rules and customs regarding succession, duties, and powers. ...

For example, the queens of early modern Spain employed numerous viceroys to rule over various parts of their lands. In Europe, until the 18th century there were Viceroys of Aragon, Valencia, Catalonia, Sardinia, Sicily, Naples, and Portugal (1580-1640), while in the New World, there were viceroys in Mexico City to govern New Spain and in Lima, Peru to govern western South America. The New World territories under the control of viceroys were known as Viceroyalties. Due to the growing size of Spain's American colonies, new viceroyalties were created for New Granada (1717) and Río de la Plata (1776).

In imperial China, viceroy was the English translation of the title "general supervisor-protector", otherwise translated as the Governor General, of Chinese officials heading large administrative divisions, directly under the imperial court.

From 1858 to 1947, the Governor-General of India was also the Viceroy of India. The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland was also sometimes referred to as a viceroy. The adjective viceregal is used in some Commonwealth realms to refer to the function of the Governor-General as representative of the Crown.

The Governor-General in Commonwealth realms is sometimes informally referred to as the viceroy, particularly in newspaper headlines. The Governor-General of India (or Governor-General and Viceroy of India) was the head of the British administration in India. ...

The Governor-General of India (or Governor-General and Viceroy of India) was the head of the British administration in India. ... Official standard of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (also known as the Viceroy or in the Middle Ages as the Lord Deputy) was the head of the Kingdom of Englands (before the Act of Union 1707) or Kingdom of Great Britains (after 1707... A Commonwealth Realm is any one of the 16 sovereign states that recognize Queen Elizabeth II as their Queen and head of state. ... Governor-General (or Governor General) is a term used both historically and currently to designate the appointed representative of a head of state or their government for a particular territory, historically in a colonial context, but no longer necessarily in that form. ... The Crown is a term which is used to separate the government authority and property of the state in a kingdom from any personal influence and private assets held by the current Monarch. ...

What and Where is NuMiami?

Hello and welcome back to the early transmissions from the conceptual county of the NuMiami-Dade.

Your question at this point (if you are reading in a linear and chronological order) would likely be, "What and Where is NuMiami"?

It is easiest for me to answer in numbered point form:

1) NuMiami is an Otherdimensional city I created with my imagination. I do not believe that there is only one concensus "reality" so I believe this place really exists on what is usually called the "Astral Plane".

2) I first encountered NuMiami in a very vivid dream a few months ago where I thought I was visiting the U.S. City of Miami, Florida for the first time. It was my idealized version of Miami - there was no crime, no grime...the place was packed with the most gorgeous "glass" skyscrapers I had ever seen...the buildings continuously shifted shapes and colours...people and other entities of all kinds were there basking in the glinting sunlight. All were too kind to offer me directions around this psychogeographic city if I needed help. Only upon awakening, did I realize NuMiami was a "dream city". I thought it would be a perfect place to house my new Astral Friends - even Astral Entities need a nice entertainment resort. NuMiami was my idea of paradise.

3) This is not to be confused with New Miami, Ohio...of course ;-)

4) Upon meditation, I realized that some of my new Djinnish friends felt comfortable in their new home. They became the Viceroys of this "virtual" dominion.

The definition of what "Viceroy" is will be copied and pasted into the next posting...
Jeremy. O. Turner.

About The Djinn

Hey again,
In the last post, I mentioned the Djinn...And you are asking, "Who and what are Djinn"?

Since I am a lazy newbie blogger today, I am going to refer you to a website by Lydia Mancini that explains the bulk of who and what the Djinn (singular - "Djinni") are or could be. The Djinn can also be known without the "D"... as "Jinn". People often mistake the word "Genie" from this word...they are partially correct in this assumption.

Check out Lydia's site - www.thejinn.net

So, to summarize, the NuMiami Viceroys are a group of Djinn-like entities (they are "Djinn" according to Mancini's broader usage of the definition). They are "Alien" intelligences...etheric tricksters that play on modes of synchronicity and the conscious focusing of the receiver (in this case, me).

They are shape-shifters and can take any form my higher and lower consciousness wishes to create. They communicate with me telepathically. Mostly in the visual sense but sometimes verbally as well.

They can be seen in hallucinations, paradolia exercises (eg. seeing faces in clouds and other patterns - www.paradolia.co.uk), dream visions , reality meta-programming, and stimulations of the pineal gland in the brain.

My irrational intuition tells me that these beings are beyond time and space. In the eternal "Now" (see my 2nd posting about Bashar's view on reality), they exist in all time zones. As I am future obsessed, I tend to see them as coming from a future time...maybe they are even quantum bots/agents from a far future time..maybe 2088 or something that far off? In a sense, my own imagination helps bring them into being in the first place. They are who I want them to be and that is fine with me. In an upcoming blog, I will mention some of their names.

In another upcoming blog posting, I will mention this urban Astral Home I dreamed up for them to hang out and base their operations in called "NuMiami".

So...that will be the next blog...What and where is NuMiami?

Jeremy O. Turner

you may be asking, what is this site?

Hello again blogspot readers,

Well, I have just set up my site and have the infrastructure in place.

So now, time to begin the lengthy process of explaining what this site is all about. It will take many installments to explain this completely...the blogspot is a perfect venue to share something as esoteric and personal as this.

No, the NuMiami Viceroys are not a music group nor a Sports-Team.

My site here will probably only appeal to those who are interested in things like: The Occult and Magick, Alternate Belief Systems, Alien Intelligences, Astral Realms, New Age Metaphysics, Quantum Quackery, Conceptual Art and Speculative Technology.

Otherwise, very little of this content will make sense and will be an easy target for ridicule from Skeptics (even Artist colleagues).

So as a kind of disclaimer, this blog explores my Altered-Consciousness experiences within an "Astral" realm of Djinn-like entities where Empirical Science/Materialism and linear Time/Space logic no longer applies. It is both an expression of personal mythology and the chronicled adventures taking place within my own "reality tunnel" (to reference Robert Anton Wilson).

I will explain in more detail in the coming days of what all this has to do with the NuMiami Viceroys. Right now, I just want to peak your interest and getting you into the right frame of mind to appreciate this fully.

I just read some channeled writings last night about the holographic nature of reality from Bashar (via Darryl Anka) that is worth reading in its entirety. Only if you suspend your disbelief for a minute or two and contemplate the possibility of these basic New Age fundamental concepts of the nature of reality - will you take my blog to heart at all.

The link is: http://iasos.com/metaphys/bashar/
I just tried the link and the content seems to have been pulled down. I must have read the cached text on Google.com

Here is the long-winded cache link:

If that does not work, go to www.google.com and type in the keywords: "Bashar" + "Entity" + "iasos". You will find it for sure that way.

So read that in depth and then read my next blog entry about "The Djinns"...in a sense, the NuMiami Viceroys are a species of "Djinn".

Jeremy O. Turner

first test blog

Hello readers of this blog,

I literally just created my blogspot 15 minutes ago and am now getting familiar with the interface.

I will be posting content related to my blogspot's theme very soon.

Wondering how I should begin to describe this esoteric and personal topic might take me some time but I will blog much more frequently once the first hurdle has been passed.

The NuMiami Viceroys are a very complex group of "individuals" to articulate.
I guess I will need to explain the context first before I can really go straight into the details. I think I will start my Blog as a kind of FAQ where I can answer the first questions I anticipate surrounding my blog.

That is probably the most efficient way to transmit the background information and should then free me up to go for it full-throttle.

Thanks for visiting my blog spot and stay tuned for gradual postings.

Jeremy O. Turner - Messenger for the NuMiami Viceroys.