Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Re-incarnation of Krueger's Critter?

In the first incarnation of my blogger profile, I mentioned how I was going to explain about being the re-incarnation of Myron Krueger's Critter cyberpet (check out the tiny, round and cute entity in the upper left section of my profile photo).

When I get more time, I will bring up Critter's history in more detail.

To clarify, the outline of the Human in the profile photo is not me (it is likely Myron himself).

I am represented as the actual Critter ;-)

Jeremy O. Turner

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pplaxl ring a bell?

Hello Bloggers,

Once again, I am super busy with my offline life and everything else.

However, I am curious...does anyone know of an entity named "Pplaxl"? Please let me know. Pronounced "Puh-Plaks-Eel" or "Puh-Plaks-El".

We have become buddies recently.


Jeremy O. Turner